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Products - Small Batch Freezer With Air

single flavour softy machine

Capacity :20 Liter./hr.

Mr.FREEZO-20 (Small Batch Freezer With Air)

Mr.FREEZO (Table Top) is the machine that converts the prepared mix into icecream by simply adding colour and essence. One can get up to 100% overrun hence the input of mix is 2 Liters and could get output of 4 Liters. Ideal for restaurants, Small ice-cream parlours

Features :

  • Pour a ice cream mix into the machine and turn the switch, this starts an automatic cycle of ice cream production.
  • Once the right consistency has been reached, press unique over run button to incorporate air inside the product up to 100% and now it is ready to extract.
  • Open the lever and turn the switch, the ice cream comes out fast and completely.
  • Compact model & Elegant look.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Environment friendly "CFC" free refrigerant and "CFC" free thermal insulation.
  • Used S.S pre coated sheet for outside cover.
  • The machine with air cooled compressor.

Technical Data :

Model Capacity Pump Dimension Power Supply Installed Power
  (Liter / Batch)   (WxDxH) (M.M) VOLT/Ph/Hz Voltage
Mr. FREEZO 20 Input: Per Batch 2 Liter
Output: Per Batch 4 Liter
Yes 420x800x750 20/1/50 1.2 KW