Little C/F-100

Small Continuous Ice Cream Freezer

Capacity : 100 Ltr. Per Hour

Output : 100 Ltr. Per Hour

Pump : Yes (It gives over run Increase the ice cream volume up to 110%)

Tank (Hopper) Capacity : 20 Ltr.

Placing Type : Floor Model

Phase : Three Phase

Voltage : 440 Volt.

Frequency : 50 HZ.

Installed Power : 4.6 kw

Refrigerant : R-404A / R-22

Condenser : Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled (As per requirement)

Dimension : 510 X 1270 X 1300 (W x D x H)

Model C/F - 100 it's a small continuous ice cream freezer with air cooled condenser introduced first time in india. It is most ideal machine for small ice cream producer who are producing minimum 50 liters to 800 liter ice cream in a day. It offers many extra features not available from other continuous freezers like, inbult hopper (There is no wastage of mix at the end of production), Piston pump provide over run adjustment from 60% to 110%, hourly capacity 100 Liter/Hr.

The new range of LITTLE CONTINUOUS ICE-CREAM freezer model LITTLE C/F-100 is Designed to combine high performance and up-dated technology with simple operation & maintenance. The continuous freezer can produce extruded and moulded ice-cream and cab be connected to automatic production line.

The performance of the machine is extremely flexible thus enabling the production of either high overrun (up to 110 %) ice cream or high fat/low overrun premium ice cream.


Features :

  • Compact model.
  • New tropicalized design resulting in high product output.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Provide piston pump.
  • Over run adjustment valve to get over run 60% to 110%.
  • Provide Hardness control to control consistency of ice cream.
  • Specially crafted beaters with self aligning delrin blades.
  • Attached hopper With 20 Lt. Capacity.
  • Provision of air cooled condenser.
  • Environmental friendly "CFC" free refrigerant and ''CFC'' free thermal insulation.
  • Used SS pre-coated sheet for out-side cover.

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