Mr.SOFTY Jumbo Eco

Pump Series – Softy Ice Cream Machine

Twin (2+1) Flavour with Pump & Floor Machine

Number of Flavours         : 2 + 1 Mix Flavours

Capacity                              : 250 + 250 Cones per Hour

Output                                 : 31 + 31 Ltr. Per Hour (17 + 17 KG Per Hour)

Pump                                   : Yes (It gives over run Increase the ice cream                                               volume up to 80%)

Tank (Hopper) Capacity  : 8 Ltr. + 8 Ltr.

Placing Type                       : Floor Model

Phase                                   : Single Phase / Three Phase

Voltage                                : 220 Volt. / 440 Volt.

Frequency                           : 50 HZ.

Installed Power                 : 3.4 kw

Refrigerant                         : R-404A / R-22

Condenser                         : Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled (As per                                               requirement)

Dimension                           : 510 X 725 X 1400 (W x D x H)


The new range of twin flavours softy ice cream machine floor model Mr.SOFTY JUMBO is designed to combine high performance and up-dated technology with simple operation and maintenance. Its outstanding features and its considerable productive capacity enable Mr.SOFTY JUMBO to satisfy quite considerable demand.


  • Compact model and elegant look.
  • New tropicalised design resulting in high product output with low power consumption.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Provide gear pump ensure a high overrun ice cream. (overrun up to 80%)
    Stainless steel freezing cylinders with direct expansion-cooling system ensuring rapid operation.
  • Provide unique hardness control to ensure perfect product consistency of ice cream every time.
  • Specially crafted beaters with delrin beater blades.
  • Independent refrigeration to the hopper ensures the mix is thoroughly chilled both during production and during break.
  • Thermometers to constantly control storage temperature of ice cream mix inside the hopper at +4°C
  • Insulated dispense head with three tap made of excellent insulating material.
  • The machine with air-cooled condenser.
  • Provide mix level indicator.
  • Environmental Friendly "CFC free refrigerant" and "CFC" free thermal insulation.
  • Use SS pre-coated sheet for out-side cover.
  • Machine available in three phase only.
  • Provide with two compressors, motors and control system for both cylinder to get the proper consistency during the unbalanced output.

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