Pastomatic – 50

Pastomatic Series – Ice Cream Mix Making Machine

Capacity                             : 50 Ltr. per Batch

Output                                : 50 Ltr. Per Hour

Tank (Hopper) Capacity  : 50 Ltr.

Placing Type                      : Floor Model

Phase                                  : Single Phase / Three Phase

Voltage                               : 220 Volt. / 440 Volt.

Frequency                          : 50 HZ.

Installed Power                 : 5 kw

Refrigerant                         : R-404A / R-22

Condenser                          : Air-Cooled / Water-Cooled (As per requirement)

Dimension                          : 495 X 910 X 1100 (W x D x H)


The unique range of PASTOMATIC of Yes VCS INDIA boils (pasteurise), mix, cool and age ice cream mixes incorporating all yes VCS INDIA expert knowledge.



  • Compact model and elegent look.
  • The controls are easy to operate.
  • Digital display to show the temperature of ice cream mix in the tank.
  • Special designed pump blade and vessel wall creates an extream pressure to the fat globules hence ice cream mix reaches level of low homogenization.
  • The output tap is designed for better cleaning and maximum hygiene.
  • Provide shelf to be fixed in order to hold the vessel during the extraction of mix.
  • Used SS pre coated sheet for out side cover.
  • The machine with air cooled condenser.(ICEMATIC & PASTOMATIC SERIES)
  • Environmental friendly "CFC" free refrigerant and "CFC" free thermal insulation. (ICEMATIC & PASTOMATIC SERIES)
  • Mostly used by ice cream parlours, small & big ice cream manufacturers that make & sale softy, thick shake, home made, Geleto & commercial ice creams.
  • Wheel mounted hence to shift whenever needed and lock too.

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